Non-Places, Marc Auge.
The Medium Is The Message, Marshall McLuhan.
The Tuning Of Place, Richard Coyne.
The Possibility Of Life's Survival On The Planet, Patrick Keiller.
No Sense Of Place; The Impact Of Electronic Media On Social Behaviour,  Joshua Meyrowitz.
Real England; The Battle Against The Bland, Paul Kingsnorth.
You Are Not A Gadget, Jaron Lanier.
The Work Of Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction, Walter Benjamin.
Sonic Warfare, Steve Goodman.
Edgelands, Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts.
Landscape And Englishness, David Matless.
Senses Of Vibration, Shelley Trower.
Noise, Jacques Attali.
One Place After Another; Site-Specific And Locationsl Identity, Miwon Kwon.
Strange Sounds; Music, Technology & Culture, Timothy D Taylor.
Documentary; Witness And Self-revelation, John Ellis.
Truth Or Dare; Art And Documentary, Pearce & McLaughlin.
Documentary Storytelling, Sheila Curran Bernard.
Terra Inferma; Geography's Visual Culture, Irit Rogoff.
The Sound Handbook, Tim Crook.
The Map As Art, Katharine Harmon.
Atlas, Tyszczuk, Smith, Clark, Butcher, Eds.
Landscape and Englishness,  Burden & Kohl, Eds.
The Freedoms of Suburbia, Paul Barker.
Concrete Island, J G Ballard.
High Rise, J G Ballard.
Figuring Landscapes, Elwes & Ball, Eds.
Varieties of Audio Mimesis: Musical Evocations of Landscape, Allan S Weiss.
DSLR Cinema, Kurt Lancaster.
101 Top Tips for DSLR Video, Adam Juniper & David Newton.
The Bruce Lacey Experience, David Alan Mellor.
Writing Aloud,  Brandon LaBelle and Christof Migone.
Essays On The Blurring Of Art And Everyday Life, Allan Kaprow, edited by Jeff Kelley.
Text - Sound Texts, Edited by Richard Kostelanetz.
The Everyday, Edited by Stephen Johnstone.

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